When Gemma (GIL Mi Suk) first moved to Singapore, she was surprised to discover that the attention to shoe care she was used to in Korea was not shared by Singaporeans. Taking it on as a personal mission to promote and increase the level of shoe care and filling the gap in the market, Gemma and her brother Mark (GIL Un Soub) founded Shoe Wash and Care. They underwent comprehensive tutelage with Korean masters to learn the most effective and advanced cleaning techniques and skills, and kept up to date on the latest technology in the field, all of which they introduced to their business in Singapore. As the business developed, a demand grew for the cleaning of bags, in addition to shoes. There was also increasing demand for bag and shoe care services among young executives working in the Central Business District. Within a few years, Shoe Wash and Care, originally a single-outlet shoe care provider, became ColorWash, providing upgraded bag and shoe care services at several locations around the island. In addition to our expert knowledge, advanced techniques and equipment, the distinctive element in ColorWash’s service is our commitment to understanding the needs and preferences of each individual customer and delighting our customers by fulfilling those needs. Our caring passion for bags and shoes has helped ColorWash to grow and expand exponentially. There are now 5 successful outlets in Singapore serving customers in the east, west and central. There are also outlets in Jakarta and Hong Kong. Among our many satisfied customers are numerous individual bag and shoe owners, as well as high-end designer boutiques, who have been unstinting in their support


Unit: FH1

PIK Avenue - Lantai B
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk Boulevard Jakarta Utara 14470

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