Abura Soba Yamatoten

"Ramen" is a Japanese national dish. It's easy, cheap, delicious, and has a variety of personalities depending on the store. In recent years, the Tsukemen boom has been added, and there is no sign of decline. And now, a new page of history is added here. This is the final form of modern ramen culture Abura Soba

The noodles are 100% domestically produced Hokkaido wheat and 100% domestically produced Hokkaido extremely aged noodles!

The special sauce is a secret additive-free three-year soy sauce sauce!
Homemade chili oil is a hot topic! "Eat chili oil"!
The variation is infinite customization "I like it! I like it!"!


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Unit: JT T7

PIK Avenue - Lantai 2F, Dotonbori
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk Boulevard Jakarta Utara 14470

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